Sangram Hansra: campaign wiz

All the work that Sangram has committed himself to has always been centered on fostering better communities, both on campus and in the City of Edmonton. Through his intense commitment and interest in student politics, Sangram’s actions and influence on campus consistently tie back to this theme of building communities. By playing a large part in shaping the platforms of six successfully elected SU executives, from making campus a more politically engaged community to Colten Yamagishi’s goal of ensuring that the SU better communicates with its students, Sangram has played a unique role in directly bettering the campus community.

Furthermore, Sangram has played an instrumental role in electing numerous candidates in the 2012 provincial election, primarily for MLA Matt Jeneroux (who defeated Wildrose Candidate Allan Hunsperger), MLA Mike Allen, and Associate Minister Donald Scott. Through his various connections, Sangram works towards making campus a more vibrant environment by inviting ministers and MLAs to engage with students on campus, with the goal of also placing the importance of post-secondary education in the forefront of provincial politicians’ minds.

A dedicated mentor to both students on campus and those in the wider Edmonton communities, Sangram has positively shaped many students’ lives.

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  • Zdravko Filipovic

    Sangram has positively changed my life