Sarah Masters Phillips: Owner and Operator, Gourmet Girl Cookies and Belgravia Hub

Sarah Masters Phillips runs both a very busy kitchen, and a successful cookie business. She is part of one of the only female based restaurants in the city. Her success in balancing two businesses is rare, and she is an innovator both within her Belgravia community and in the city as a whole.

Gourmet Gourmet Cookies blends amazing cookie flavours and has amide for a fast-growing business model. Sarah has pushed the local food scene between being the Chef of D’lish, through Gourmet Girl Cookies and her work with the Drift food truck, and now Belgravia Hub’s innovative comfort food. These activities demonstrate that Sarah is a truly capable restauranteur, whose skills and qualities are truly impressive.

Additionally, Sarah donates cookies to both the Mo’sistas, and numerous other non-profits and community events. She has been an advocate for Calican Dog rescue, and during her time at D’lish managed to set up numerous events for the Ronald McDonald house and the Edmonton food bank.

Because of her many contribution to #yegfood, Sarah is a deserving member of the Top 100 Edmonton Women in Business list.


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  • Janice

    She is not the owner of Belgravia Hub, she simply just works there as a chef. Leslie McGlennon is the owner of Belgravia Hub.

  • Raquiel

    Should not qualify as a deserving member of the top 100 business women considering the fact that she does not own any business, Leslie McGlennon is the owner of Belgravia Hub.