Sarah Proudlock, aka The Tea Girl: Owner, Steeps Tea House

“Tea is not a trend, it is a lifestyle. Tea brings the world together, it connects people.”

Sarah was introduced to tea from her grandmother, who always had a pot of Twinings Earl Grey on the stove. Since then, she has developed an undying love for the leaf. After college, she turned to the idea of establishing herself in the tea industry by choosing hands-­on education. In 2003, Sarah started by working at the Steeps Mount Royal Village location in Calgary. From then on, she grew to establish the Oolong Tea House in Calgary, a wholesale warehouse of Steeps. Following this, she would design, build and open two other tea houses and also teach as a Tea Sommelier at Bow Valley College.

In 2010, tea brought Sarah north to Edmonton, when she purchased Steeps Tea House in Glenora on Stony Plain Road. She owns and operates this Edmonton business as one of Edmonton’s newest entrepreneurs while, of course, residing just a few blocks away. Sarah’s dedication to the business and community keeps her connected to the area she calls home. The belief that everyone needs a safe friendly place to meet, gather and connect helps her strive everyday to bring her customers closer to each other and their community through tea.

Growth and change are key parts of life and business, and as such, Sarah plans to re-brand the store this fall to her personal entity and identity as The Tea Girl.



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