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“Is it possible to have sex in space?”

If you’re in your car…and you travel at the speed of light what would happen if you turned your headlights on?”

“If a mosquito bites you after you’ve been drinking, can it get drunk?”

“Why don’t snoring people wake themselves up?”

“How much beer will kill you?” 

 Why do people like dubstep?”

How does internal drowning work, what about stomach explosion?”

Think of every science question you’ve thought of and never had the guts to ask. Now open up your email and send it to us here at the Wanderer Science!

That’s right readers! We will be taking your science questions; no matter how ridiculous, embarrassing, or conspiracy theory-laden, and answering them every Friday in our new column SCIENCE Myth or Fact?

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  • Tim

    Is K-Pop a secret North Korean brainwashing tool?

    • Dongwoo

      It is Tim. K-Pop videos are played in the DMZ area as a tool of propaganda against NK.