Shannon Kraichy: healthy advocacy

Shannon has contributed heavily to our campus, primarily through her involvement with two student groups: the U of A Palaeontological Society and the Aboriginal Student Council. Although she joined both of these groups only last year, she has made a lasting impact on both the groups and the students they serve.
As Vice Present External for the Palaeo Society, one major event that Shannon has organized and implemented is the Society’s 25th Anniversary Celebration. With over four times the usual number of attendees, Shannon was instrumental in creating tickets, putting up posters, and inviting a vast array of faculty, staff, and students to the event as successful as it was. In doing so, she was able to facilitate a connection from the Palaeo Society to student groups ranging from the PS Warren Geological Club to the U of A Anthropology Undergraduates to the ALES Poultry Club (to name a few). To top it off, the Chair of the Biological Sciences Department, Dr. Michael Caldwell, accepted her request for a speech to the attendees.
Through her involvement in the Aboriginal Student Council as a Vice President Internal, Shannon has put in countless hours on developing a Breakfast Program that ensures Aboriginal students are eating healthy and nutritious meal that, in turn, will aid in their academic success. Not only did this involve an incredible amount of foundational work and grant application writing, Shannon again forged new partnerships from the Aboriginal Student Council to the Office of Sustainability, Campus Food Bank, the Health & Wellness Team, and Alberta Health Services (and that’s just the beginning!). While this initiative is still up-and-coming, Shannon is committed to it becoming a staple on our campus and is excitedly awaiting the pilot project that is starting in a few weeks.
Shannon truly is a master at balancing her work, academic, and volunteer schedules. With her outstanding commitment to improving the lives of students on our campus under her belt, there is no doubt that Shannon will continue to create a brighter world wherever she goes.

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