Sharleen Oborowsky: President, Fully Managed Technology Inc.

Sharleen is a “natural” entrepreneur and thought leader and has worked tirelessly her whole life to create opportunities for people who want to build better lives for both themselves and family. Sharleen has never been afraid to take calculated risks and as a result instils this type of thought leadership in those around her. She has never forgotten where she came from and attempts to wear the lenses of everyone she encounters. For her leadership, Sharleen was awarded Alberta’s 2013 Leaders of Tomorrow distinction, an award that recognizes the very best in Alberta for leadership.

Sharleen’s community involvement has led her on a mission to inspire young people in business and life. Her community focus on young people has led her to be a leader in volunteer work within her school system, local sports associations and as a huge supporter of the arts. Within her business Sharleen is regular speaker at BCIT and NAIT and offers paid internships for graduates. Sharleen is a supporter of charity and not-for-profits, including being on the Alberta Diabetes Foundation board for 20 years.

Over the past 19 years, Sharleen has led Fully Managed to become one of Canada’s 10 largest Managed IT Services firms, placing top 5 in Western Canada. It was awarded Alberta’s 2013 best company under 100 people. Employing 36 staff in Vancouver and Edmonton, the company serves over 115 clients across many verticals, including construction, manufacturing, accounting, medical, legal, engineering, non-profit and automotive.



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  • Diana

    Hi Shar, You are an outstanding woman!