Shortlisted Candidates Named by Yeggies New Media Awards! | The Wanderer Online

The Yeggies, Edmonton’s New Media Awards, have recently powered through over 200 nominations from across the city, and have agreed on their shortlisted candidates in a variety of categories. We are very excited and humbled to learn that The Wanderer is one of six shortlisted candidates in the “Best of Edmonton” category, along with five very solid media sources. We encourage you to read through the nominations and learn more about the Yeggies here.

We will certainly be spending a few (read: many) hours checking out the other blogs, which range from the ubiquitous blog to Edmonton thought leaders such as Paula Simons, GigCity and OilersNation. If there’s one thing to pull from the Yeggies, it’s that Edmonton has a vibrant and growing media scene. Because of the Yeggies, you can now find many of the media sources on a single page!

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