Snowbowl and Snowflakes at Foote Field | The Wanderer Sports

This past weekend, a hefty batch of snow graced the City of Edmonton streets. Keep in mind that this is late October, so the snow comes as no surprise. Chances are the snow will melt, then come back, then melt over and over again until January. At this point, the snow remains for a solid three months, melts and then comes back again.

What is interesting about this first batch of snow is that it coincided with the Golden Bears soccer season. Rather than the Golden Bears playing on exquisitely-groomed grass, they played on a sheet of white, which harkens back to the days of elementary soccer games during recess. To make matters more intense, the games were against the rival Calgary Dinos, who had an outside shot at overcoming the Bears for first in the division (that didn’t last for long). Ok, the Dinos really had no shot at doing anything spectacular: they’re just meh.

In game one of the Snowbowl Doubleheader, the Golden Bears did what little junior high hooligans do to snowmen on neighbours’ lawns: they kicked them down, curbstomped the snowmen’s heads into oblivion, snapped the carrot-noses in half and ran away at full speed, adrenaline pumping, hearts racing. And just like most criminals, they returned to the crime scene a day later, this time playing the Calgary Dinos in the rematch. On this occasion, the neighbours knew of the hooligans’ antics: they were prepared, phone in hand, ready to call the police. HOWEVER, just when it seemed that the neigh – uh, the Dinos – were going to claim round two, the Golden Bears scored two final-minutes goals. The first from Scott Gilroy and the second from Glynn Dobson. The neighbours were crushed, fuming at the sight of snowman number two lying in pieces on the front lawn.

With episodes one and two out of the way, that doesn’t mean that the hooliganism has come to an end. Nay, the teams return this weekend to Foote Field for the Canada West Championships. A win in the Bears’ next game, and they’ll be flying off to CIS Nationals, wherever that is.

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