Some insight into… Insight… | By Tyler Hein

Welcome to the Insight section of The Wanderer Online, theoretical reader. If you’re a long time reader, you may recognize that Insight is a new section. It has replaced the iWander section in order to expand the scope of topics that we can cover.  If you’re a new reader, congratulations, you have made a solid choice today. Doesn’t that feel good? It’s like a drug, isn’t it? I hope you all stick around while we get everything rolling because the Insight writing team promises to make you feel good in whichever way you want it.

That is, as long as you get your kicks by reading well-written articles that cover a wide range of topics with varying degrees of tone, from humorous and trivial to deep and argumentative!

That’ll teach you to have a dirty mind.

But for real, this new Insight section is the freedom section of The Wanderer Online. We aren’t bound to adhere to a single topic in our articles, so Insight is a space to discuss people, life and ideas. Above all, regardless of topic, our commitment is to never bore you, the reader. We encourage you to come out and write with us and share your ideas and opinions on whatever you are passionate about. Insight is about allowing your voice to be clear and we encourage those of you who want to write to not write how you think an article should be written, but to write an article that you would want to read and how you want to see it written.

The Insight section has some new components from its previous incarnation. It also has a section for Fiction narratives. If you have a short story or a poem that you want to see published on The Wanderer Online, this is your place.

Remember that: This is your place.

So welcome. We hope you stick around. We hope we can make you laugh or make you think or make you think about laughing, but then only exhale air sharply out of your nose, which is good enough for us and we will count that as a victory. Happy reading, theoretical reader, we hope we can show you a good time.

Tyler Hein | Insight Editor

Banner photograph by Wanderer Online Photography Editor Antony Ta

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