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It looked as if the Golden Bears football team might pull out an improbable and inspired win in its home opener against the Regina Rams. The Rams have one of Canada’s best quarterbacks, Marc Mueller, and though the Bears boast the impressive Curtis Dell, they were the clear underdogs entering the tilt.

The teams entered half tied at 10, which beats 35-0 a week earlier against the Dinos. Still, the Bears came up a wee bit short in the contest, 31-17, dropping to 0-3 on the season, a record that spells missed playoffs for the second year in a row. With a few wins here and there, however, the Bears CAN STILL MAKE THE POST-SEASON. We hope they do. It was only several years ago that the team made that cinderella, highlight-reel comeback in the fourth quarter against Saskatchewan, moving oh so close to a trip to the Vanier Cup.

If the Bears qualify for the post-season this year, then they must beat winless UBC in their upcoming match-up. They’ll also need to win a major road game, versus Manitoba. With a strong Canada West Conference this year, the Bears are in tough; there is no real let-up in terms of competition.

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Credit to the Bears for the first close game of the year:

Mega stop by the Bears in their own territory:

Even the U of A PR person emphasized Regina embarrassing themselves:

And then it was over:  

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