Splash Poke Already a City Favorite

by Zosia Czarnecka

Edmonton is well known for its delicious food scene and extensive network of world-class restaurants. Unfortunately, given our location between the Rocky Mountains and prairies, we often miss good quality seafood. Despite the city’s numerous sushi restaurants, Edmontonians have been longing for a Poke spot for a while. So it came as no surprise when last Tuesday, for Splash Poke’s grand public opening, there was a three-hour line up that extended a few blocks down Jasper Avenue. My friend and I had the opportunity to get a first hand look at the menu and location earlier that day at Splash Poke’s media preview and this is what we thought…


The location is perfect! With the weather getting nicer, Splash Poke can take full advantage of the downtown core’s lunch breaks and attract heavy foot traffic. Even at the media preview, there were countless people stepping in accidentally hoping that the restaurant was already open. Not a great spot if you want to drive in, but a quick hop downtown to Corona station will put you within a few blocks of the tasty locale – Z

Seems like it modernizes Edmonton to some degree. That area is great to start with and it has the feel that it fits into the whole millennial young professional aesthetic. – C

Interior décor


I wasn’t too impressed with the interior. I found it had too much of a fast food feel similar to Wok Box but sparse like a cafeteria and too open for me. If I go back, I’ll probably opt to take it to go and either eat it in a park or take it back to the office. That said, it did have a very tropical vibe that was somewhat unique – C

There were only a few tables – I’m curious to see if they’ll open up a patio area at all. Definitely not a great spot to sit and eat but if you want a grab and go lunch, this is the place for you! Splash might also be the perfect getaway when our cold winters return. – Z

Menu & Food
Photo by Alvin Yu.

You can choose from a staff favourite or make your own bowl. I always go for making my own at restaurants like this and I’m rarely disappointed. The bowls come in one size but you can choose one, two, or three scoops of protein (not a fan of fish? They have chicken and tofu as well!). I found the portion size to be perfect but I think if I had just come out of a workout, I wouldn’t be quite full. Sauces were great – I hope they put up some more posters on the wall with suggestions as to which sauce pairs well with what! Overall, great flavour, maybe a little heavy on the sauce. But a generous scoop of sashimi! – Z

I thought the food was quite good and flavourful. I’d never had poke before so it was new and fairly unique to me. I would describe it as a sort of sashimi lunch bowl and the sauces were really good, but, if anything, a little over-applied. The portion size was perfect for a lunch had filing but not too much so. I can definitely see myself going back. – C




I think the biggest thing about it is that it’s a nice addition to what’s available in Edmonton. It seems like a good place to go if you want a non-greasy and non-typical lunch, but I’d prefer a sit-down place for dinner. The make-you-own option is great in that there are so many possible combinations. I was more satisfying then getting a small sushi plate and definitely a big step up from a sandwich from a cafe. – C

Definitely a strong 9/10. With a few small adjustments on the sauce levels, the menu pairings and the interior layout, I can already see myself going back countless times this summer. – Z

Photography by Zosia Czarnecka.

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