Stat of the Week: 43 Seconds of Glory | The Wanderer Sports

This past weekend, on Saturday September 8, the Golden Bears soccer team scored two goals in the span of 43 seconds. That breaks the previous Canada West record of two goals in 46 seconds. Just how fast is 43 seconds? Let’s look at a few examples:

1. For U of A students, it takes well over 43 seconds to find the course they’re looking for on BearTracks’ search for classes tab. Go to search, scroll through the tab, wait for next page to load, click on course, add it to your schedule. More than 43 seconds.

2. The Bears scored two goals faster than it takes you to make coffee in the morning.

3. You spend more time sitting in class waiting for the prof to begin a lecture, than it took for the Bears to score twice.

4. The quickest Timmies’ line-up in CAB still takes longer than 43 seconds, from the time you order to when you are handed an ice cap.

5. By the time that you finish reading this article, the Bears had scored twice on the Cougars.

The Golden Bears had a productive Saturday. We hope you enjoyed your weekend as well! 

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