Statement from Petros Kusmu, Candidate for President | SU Elections 2013

Hello Wanderer Readers,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reach out to you! In this statement, I will do two things: provide you a general overview of my platform (which is largely based off of the Students’ Union’s website) and answer the three questions provided by the Wanderer.

With that being said, please check out to see my platform in its entirety!


Petros Kusmu


Next year the SU will face a year like no other. With a multi-million dollar renovation project materializing and advocacy issues from Lister to provincial budget cuts looming, next year’s President needs to have a keen insight and tremendous amount of experience to oversee all of these projects.

But students deserve better than a President who will simply follow-up with past initiatives. Students deserve a President who can lead new initiatives – because, without them, us students can never move forward as a collective. Now is the time to plant the ideas for change and start exploring ways we can move forward.

My fresh ideas and six years of experience ranging from student groups, faculty associations, Greek societies, SU services, Students’ Council, and being this year’s Vice-President External, has made me the right President to lead the SU.

If elected President, some of the things I will do:

  • Begin a dialogue with the University about the mechanics of offering “Block Courses” that the U of C has had successfully for over a decade – intensive, credited one-week courses prior to the Fall/Winter semester.
  • Deliver the Fall Reading Week, resolve the University’s behavior towards residence students in HUB and Lister, and eagerly advocate to the provincial government in ensuring that post-secondary education cuts never happen;
  • Undertake possibilities of increasing the funding for student groups, creating support for students with non-profit and entrepreneurial pursuits, and advocate for international students to enhance permanent residency opportunities.

For a more determined and daring Students’ Union, vote Petros for President.


What is the name of your campaign manager?

The incredible Navneet Khinda!

What are the three on-campus activities that you are involved in do you consider the most important?

The three off the top of my head is: Musician Club jam sessions, Break the Record, and hanging out with my fraternity brothers (PIKE).

Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

Are these the kind of decisions I have to make in office? Oh God…

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