Stephen Chin: the assiduous ISSS executive

Stephen currently serves as the President of the ISSS, the organization that officially represents the 6600 students in the Faculty of Science. He returned to the ISSS this year after his previous year as the organization’s Vice President Administration and Finance – a testament to his passion for serving science students.

As ISSS President, the method in which he leads is one of the most well done, effective, and unique ways of leading that I have witnessed. He consistently leads the organization by example, in the most humble way, with little need to hear any praise from others. Stephen does not tell people what to do, but he teaches them to think for themselves and figure out how to do things. He is always working hard to push his team forward, to show them right from wrong, and to find them opportunities for growth, as is exemplified through his coordination of a very strong application complete with a reference from the Dean of Science to the University of Alberta’s Green and Gold Grant.

Stephen is a reserved and quietly self-confident person, so it is not surprising that people tend to underestimate him at first, but Stephen’s ability to lead clearly shines as time passes. He has the most unique and thoughtful leadership skills that I have encountered. Stephen shows others that there is no need to embody the traditional or stereotypical qualities of a good leader; rather, he shows others that people with all sorts of qualities can be strong leaders.

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