Steven Dollansky: political superstar

Although Steven Dollansky graduated last year and is currently a student-at-law at McLennan Ross, his impact on the University of Alberta can’t be understated. He graduated from the Faculty of Law last year, after obtaining a BSc. in Biochemistry, also at the University of Alberta. He has run the gambit of politics, being actively involved at the campus, provincial and federal levels.

While still at the University of Alberta, he served as VP External (a tough fought race against a Decepticon), VP Operations and Finance and, finally, the Board of Governors Representative. Regardless of your thoughts on his politics, Steven’s political accomplishments are impressive. During the last provincial election, and in the midst of third-year law exams, he served as a Special Assistant to Danielle Smith, advising her on issues of election readiness. He also has appeared on CBC’s Power and Politics, commentating on the provincial election, a notable achievement for any student. He has been elected to a number of federal Conservative riding associations, most notably as President of the Edmonton-Centre riding board.

Steven’s tireless dedication to advancing the causes of conservatism in Alberta are commendable. He will be an alumnus that the University of Alberta is proud to call its own.

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