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This is the time of year where the sweatpants come out, students stumble to school with bags under their eyes and about 50% of us will flip at the sound of an untoward comment. Yes, it’s midterms season. October has arrived.

If all you do is study, study, study – with no breaks throughout the day and progressively less sleep – you’re only hurting yourself. Take a read through these tips from, and start implementing them NOW. You’ll thank us later. Here’s one tip that is of particular importance:

Focus on the End Result
Whatever you’re working on has a purpose. Even if the process is boring or frustrating, the end result is worth having.

You might find yourself saying, “Oh, but I have no use for this organic chemistry/history/volleyball/[insert ‘boring’ course] in my life.” Wrong. Do everything that you can to find meaning in ALL of your courses, whether you enjoy them or not? Organic chemistry is a pain in the ass? For a moment, imagine how long it took for chemists to discover and understand the chemical structures of the compounds you’re studying. Don’t like the Latin American history exam you’re prepping for? View your class notes as a means of understanding entire nations’ unique identities. Then relate those notes to your own life. Find meaning in what you’re studying, draw personal connections, and the information will go from blah to exciting. You’ll better-retain your notes and you’ll make the most out of the 500+ dollars spent on each course.

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