Surprise! Golden Bears Football Team Loses… Again | The Wanderer Sports

“When I was a U of A student, I used to go to Bears football games and they’d win all the time! We had a good team that beat Calgary and always gave Saskatchewan a run for their money!” Re-read this sentence in a granny/grandpa voice, but imagine that the elderly person speaking is actually a U of A student that graduated three or four years ago. If you can somehow put these two very contradictory concepts together, then you create an imaginary situation that’s very much in tune with reality.

This pas weekend, it was life as usual for the Golden Bears football team, as they fell to winless UBC, 29-10. The score was 22-0 at half, and if you read over some of coach Jeff Stead’s post-game comments on The Gateway, he wasn’t a happy camper. To paraphrase his comments, the team was stoked before the game, ready to go, and then proceeded to take a dump on the Foote Field turf at the 10:00 mark of the first quarter.

(NB: if this paragraph is to have any humour, you need to read it in an elderly voice.) It’s been a mightyyyy long time since the Bears won a real game (i.e. where the other team didn’t forfeit). Last time the Bears won, the U of A was a whollleee different place: students used to walk 5 miles to and from school, through the frigid days of October! There was still no such thing as global warming, and students didn’t pay some disgusting amount of money in random student fees! Oh, sunny, those were the good ‘ol days I’ll tell ya!

Tomorrow, coach Jeff Stead and his team gets back to practice. Three games are left in the season, and barring some divine miracle from Touchdown Jesus in South Bend, Indiana, it might just be another winless season for the Bears.

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