Monument: Quality Coffee Without the Wait

by Zosia Czarnecka Whyte Avenue’s 27 year old Block 1912 is everything you would expect from a cozy, romantic coffee shop.  Brick interior, soft lighting, live music, and mismatched furniture: its romantic eccentricity is now conventional.  Last year, owner Jorel Pepin set aside everything he knew about coffee bar branding and started fresh. From that blank canvas rose Monument Coffee Bar – Block 1912’s hip … Continue reading Monument: Quality Coffee Without the Wait

Two Italians Hunt for the Tastiest Bug

by Claudio La Rocca & Silvia Ronzani If you grow up in Italy, food is a central part of your life. For an Italian, food is almost a religious matter, every dish the revered sum of history, culture and tradition. So what made us, two Italian grad students, decide to put bugs on everyone’s plate? One day, one of our lab mates brought some dried … Continue reading Two Italians Hunt for the Tastiest Bug

Edmonton Music Awards: A Step in the Right Direction

by Sibel Yesilkaya It’s no secret that the Edmonton community proudly supports local art and culture. The Fringe, Taste of Edmonton, Folk Fest, Heritage Days – whichever events you frequent over our short, event-packed prairie summer, you’re sure to feel the creative energy that permeates through the veins of our city. When Edmontonians gathered at the prestigious Winspear Centre on Thursday, June 29th to honour … Continue reading Edmonton Music Awards: A Step in the Right Direction

Who put that there? – A Look Into Edmonton’s Public Art Commissioning

by Juanita Gnanapragasam Edmonton’s public art scene is thriving. While some artwork like Mural Alley has been influential in beautifying Edmonton’s landscape, other artwork, such as the Talus Dome or “balls”, have become infamous leaving citizens to wonder who decides what is public art in the first place. In this article, we outline what is public art and the steps taken to get public art … Continue reading Who put that there? – A Look Into Edmonton’s Public Art Commissioning

Mayday Dogs – Edmonton’s New Best Friend

by Monika Viktorova Hot dogs are the newest ‘lowbrow’ street food to get a gourmet makeover. And if hot dogs are a foodie’s Cinderella, then Justin Benson is the Edmonton food scene’s edgy, tattooed Fairy Godmother. And he’s here to deliver gourmet but accessible dogs to Edmonton’s downtown core with his newest project, Mayday Dogs. When asked why he wanted to make hot dogs, Justin … Continue reading Mayday Dogs – Edmonton’s New Best Friend

HundredMillionThousand’s Release Performance Reveals Beauty in Hybridity

by Maja Staka If you listen to even one of the songs on HundredMillionThousand’s LP on Spotify, you’ll understand why an album release performance was so overdue. The Edmonton-based electronic artist’s music is so heart-felt and nuanced he deserves a whole damn concert to himself. Luckily, 9910 was able to host the event last Thursday along with bands Nehiyawakband and Softcure, who each preceded the … Continue reading HundredMillionThousand’s Release Performance Reveals Beauty in Hybridity

Symphonie 5.1: An immersive journey of light and movement (Review)

by Sylwia Romanowska & Benjamin Kostiuk Performed on January 20th and 21st at the Timm’s Centre for the Arts, Isabelle van Grimde’s Symphonie 5.1 enthralled audiences with a stunning marriage of lighting, live music, and dance. The set, with its minimalistic aesthetic and stunning visuals, made for an opening full of intrigue and opportunity. The hour-long performance was a journey of light, modern music, and … Continue reading Symphonie 5.1: An immersive journey of light and movement (Review)

Science and the City: January, February, and March | By Hanhmi Huynh

Welcome back Wanderer readers! I hope the past few months have been good to you — your January full of the promise of a new year, your February full of love rather than broken bonds, and your March well-rounded (pun intended). There were many science inspired events that I am ecstatic to share with you, and there are many more coming up that I hope to … Continue reading Science and the City: January, February, and March | By Hanhmi Huynh

The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes | By Srosh Hassan

“There is nothing like first-hand evidence.” ~ Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet You can experience first-hand evidence for yourself at The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes! In its only stop in Canada, this featured exhibit at the TELUS World of Science Edmonton transports you to 1886 Victorian London to the study of a struggling young doctor, Arthur Conan Doyle. Visitors get a glimpse into his inspiration and experiences leading to the … Continue reading The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes | By Srosh Hassan

The Next Big Thing: A Recap of Startup Edmonton’s 5th Annual Launch Party | By Hanhmi Huynh

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Startup Edmonton’s 5th Annual Launch Party, where each year 10 up and coming startup companies in Edmonton are featured. This year the list included:

Alieo Games
Pogo CarShare


This year’s event was held at the EPCOR Tower, a pristine new business venue in Edmonton. As a nursing student attending business events in my semester off, I was glowing with excitement. Just as we were walking in, we ran into Mayor Don Iveson, looking dapper, and exceptionally approachable, as always. Already a great start to an impressive event! The venue was filled with a mix of students, investors and business professionals eager to learn more about these exciting new companies.

The night started with opening speeches from representatives of Startup Edmonton, the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) and the Mayor. Derek Hudson from EEDC spoke about, a new website to support entrepreneurship in Edmonton, and for customers and partners to discover local businesses. The Mayor spoke to our city’s emerging economy, and acknowledged the creativity of these startups. Edmonton is rapidly changing: 40% of new jobs in the country were created in Edmonton. “People are starting to take notice of Edmonton and recognize that it is the best place to take a risk and create something,” the Mayor concluded.

The opening pitches from each company gave a brief introduction of what they were all about. However, I wanted to get to know a little more about some of these companies and how they started. Time was limited, so I went straight to the companies that caught my attention the most.

Pogo Carshare
Pogo Carshare officially launched that night. Pogo is a locally-based company that allows Edmontonians to use Pogo cars in their area. I talked to James Kwan, a University of Alberta graduate and co-founder of the company:

Who are the people involved and responsible for the start of the company?
Our team consists of five people in total, two of which are University of Alberta grads.

How does the service work?
Currently, we have twenty cars in total: twelve active and eight in preparation. What you would do is check to see if there is a Pogo car available in your area (we have an app in the works) and check out the pick-up and drop-off zones. For example, say you were tired of studying at the University and wanted to head to Whyte. You would locate a car in the University area, access it and park on Whyte. And since they are in the same zone, you do not need to return the car to where you originally found it.

The payment options are per minute, per hour, or per km after 200km. For insurance purposes, we also have eligibility requirements; members have to be over the age of 21 and they require good driver’s abstract.

What are your goals as a startup company?
We want to grow as quickly and sustainably as we can while delivering as much value as possible to Edmontonians. We hope to reach 150 cars by the end of next year.

How will you deal with problems such as downtown parking and the criticism that you will be taking up parking spaces for Edmontonians?
I would argue that although it seems counterintuitive, our service will help with the congestion and help with parking downtown. For example, many car owners are looking to transition from two cars to one, sell their cars, or look for alternatives to car ownership. This would be a great way for people to still drive to the places they need without the stress of car ownership. Parking is also included with our service as we are in partnership with the city.

What was your motivation for starting this company in Edmonton?
It was something that we felt was missing. Many of our founders use alternative modes of transportation; one of our co-founders is a huge cycling enthusiast. We wanted a way to help make Edmonton more sustainable and also provide a service that would give back.

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