Taking Advantage of Edmonton’s Vast Trail System: Something Ryan Holiday Would Do | The Wanderer Outdoors

At this time of the year, when winter turns to summer in a matter of days, the city’s sidewalks and river valley trails fill with runners. This is one of the great sights in Edmonton: you can step outside, walk along Saskatchewan Drive next to the University of Alberta, and pass dozens of runners in a matter of minutes.

Though Ryan Holiday wrote this short blog post way back in December 2012, his message holds true on May 20 2013. His advice is to “Go out for a run right now.” Later, he writes that “The point is to be reminded of the immensity.” For those that do not know, Holiday is a renowned marketer, whose campaigns with American Apparel and other retailers have garnered millions of viewers on minuscule budgets. Holiday’s approach to work, however, is far from frantic, as one might imagine it would be. Instead, Holiday refers to Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, a Roman emperor who is perhaps the one true philosopher-king.

It is not surprising, then, that Holiday views running as an activity conducive to oneness. Indeed, Holiday’s advice is to “Just be.” The simplest way to do this? Step outside, throw on some shoes, and experience the immensity of Edmonton.

CC photograph courtesy of Brenderous on Flickr.

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