Taryn Klymyk: going global

Taryn is the U of A community’s premier student ambassador to the international community. In 2012, she distinguished herself as a leader in the School of Business, working to unify and learn from different cultures and communities across the world, while providing opportunities to her peers for global interactions.

As a member of the Business Exchange Association since 2010, and its President in 2012, Taryn has worked with dozens of students to provide them with meaningful experiences both in Edmonton and abroad. As an exchange student to Nice, France in 2012 and member of a study tour to China in 2011, Taryn knows first-hand what it is like to experience different cultures, which is no doubt a reason why she gives back so much to her peers. In early 2013, for example, Taryn participated on the International Business Team within the JDC West competition, and is now off to Spain for yet another case competition!

The U of A is working to enhance its international exchange programs, and with this in mind, Taryn is the epitome of an internationally-minded student. Rather than experience the benefits of global exchanges for herself, Taryn takes the next step, bringing valuable opportunities to her peers. It is for this dedication to others that Taryn is on the Top 100.

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