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The Golden Bears soccer team is 5-1-1 this year, and though they’ve fed off a so-so array of opponents (up until the last weekend), they have a LOT of goals for and only TWO goals against. That’s an impressive feat, and much of the credit goes to Bears keeper Jay Vetsch, who has been flawless in net so far. Before Vetsch and the team caught a plane to Victoria, we sat down with the keeper and several teammates in their Butterdome locker room, witnessing a Super Mario Strikers match on Gamecube unlike any other. 
1. How does it feel to have five clean sheets so far this year?

It feels really good, but you’re giving me too much credit, because I only have 4 clean sheets according to Can-West.

2. What are some of the more intense moments in net this year for you? Any big saves that stand out?

One of the more intense moments this year was after half time one game, when captain Scott Gilroy threw me a water bottle (a below average toss) and it exploded on the field. I was left without anything to wet my whistle with for the first 20 minutes of the half. But on a serious note, there is one big save that stands out. Our first game against Mount Royal, there was a scramble in our box and the ball squirted (unlike my water bottle) to one of their strikers at the penalty spot. I was blinded by all of the bodies in the box, and dove full stretch to my left to save the ball.

3. Going into games, what do you usually do to prepare?

For home games, I arrive at the field an hour and twenty minutes prior to kick off and listen to my GBS playlist to pump myself up and get mentally prepared for the game.

4. On that note, what are your thoughts about the upcoming road trip to BC?

Playing against the reigning national champions in Victoria is going to be our biggest test this year thus far for sure. Every game with Victoria is a hard fought battle, which makes for a fun and exciting game to play in. Fraser Valley has been doing well this year and is rumoured to have a good team, so it will definitely be a tough weekend to come away with 6 points.

5. If you could describe your ideal semester in a paragraph or less, what would that be?

I would like to be in PAC 118, PAC 160, and PAC 111 (soccer class, gymnastics class, and basketball class, respectively.)

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