Eleven Things You Didn’t Know About Pandas Soccer | By Pandas Soccer!

The University of Alberta Pandas are one of Canada’s best university soccer teams. They’re near the top of their conference AGAIN this year, after a 2011 season that saw them just about win Nationals. Over the last week, the Pandas soccer team found time aside from training, studying, competing, blogging and partying at Hudson’s on Whyte (point 3) to compile a list of ten things you definitely don’t know about their team. 

1. We like to sing Celine Dion before every game

2. We may or may not have a collection of soccer balls “procured” from our opponents

3. After a hard fought weekend, there is only one place to find us on Sunday night’s: Hudson’s on Whyte

4. We treat Mario Kart battles as seriously as any soccer competition

5. There are four sets of siblings that are associated with Pandas and Bears through playing or coaching
6. We have a pirate on the team due to a collision between teammates

7. Our favorite TV station is TLC; some shows we watch religiously are Say Yes to the Dress, and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

8. We have a Youtube video with over 30,000 views

9. Every season we do year round secret santas AKA secret buddy
The ultimate secret santa present…
10. If you see one of us in a grey sweatsuit… watch out!

11. Fetch started within our team

Congratulations, you’re now a well-read Pandas soccer fan, versed in the relevant history and contemporary culture of the team. Gold star for you.
Wanna learn more? (The correct answer is yes.) Check out how the Pandas did against Lethbridge on Sunday. (HINT: it wasn’t pretty.) Moreover, check out this blog by Pandas player Darcie Kutryk
But above all else, head out to Foote Field (on South Campus) for their 12 pm game on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 22! 

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