The Art of Looking Political | By Tyler Hein

Signs read: No more need to perish! It’s our veterans that we cherish!
With clever chants about our soldiers, equality and fairness.
Protest for their protection and a plea to give them more,
passing homeless soldiers on the street as we chant against the war.
No time to spare some change, there’s bigger change we’re fighting for!
The freedom that they earned means the freedom to die,
right there on the street and we’re diverting our eyes,
preserving our lies that we’re deserving our lives.
Defend the poor! Why do the rich keep getting richer!
Snap a couple more! I need a better profile picture!
“I’m a good person, ‘cause I say that I am.
I deserve better than where I currently stand.
I have a liberal arts degree and limitless ambition
and a need to defend my opinion to all who dare to listen.
‘Will you sign my petition, so I can find my definition?’”
Each signature affirmation my degree’s the right decision.

Photography courtesy of Wanderer Online photographer Brad Lin

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