The Favourite Items Series: Big Shades (The Bigger, The Better) | By Louis Nguyen

Being fashionable is not about investing every damn cent of your savings into a ridiculously expensive closet. Fashion is a lifestyle. Like I always say: live it, breathe it, and love it.

Sometimes, I say screw it, all I need today are hoodies and sweatpants. And all I need is my shades to glue everything together. I guess that’s my secret: to always look good without putting in too much effort.

My shades are called the Cazal 607. Run DMC originally wore them during their heyday back in the beginning of the Hip-Hop era. I have worn these shades for almost two years, since 2010. Signs of wear-and-tear are pretty visible but I am in no rush to replace them. Though it cost me about 120 dollars to put on the prescription, it was happily refunded back to me thanks to the awesome Student Health Plan.

To me, when it comes to my shades, the bigger is indeed the better. I like it big and bold! When I walk around, it is the very first thing about me to be perceived. The bold shades showcase my confidence, cockiness and also geekiness. I am sill pretty much a nerd because of my love for genetics and oncology. Still, the shades help maintain my eccentric “I’m the best, fuck the rest” attitude. And that’s why my glasses are always my favorite thing in my fashion book.

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