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The University of Alberta has a TON of committees. Hundreds, for sure. These committees are spread out around different departments (like computing science), faculties (the Faculty of Science) and on a university-wide level, too (General Faculties Council). In other words, people meet at various levels of the university in order to conduct university business. At the university-wide level, there’s General Faculties Council, which delegates part of its authority to the Campus Law Review Committee. Part of this committee’s mandate includes RESIDENCES. And you remember what happened this past summer, right? (Read here for a refresher. Or here.)

If you take a read through the Campus Law Review Committee terms of reference (its basic procedures, which we link to below), then you see that it has to deal with the major Lister Residence changes. Well, according, to the SU VP (Student Life), CLRC was not consulted. In his biweekly update to Students’ Council, he writes the following:

At the Campus Law Review Committee Meeting last week, I had a chance to bring up the governance process issues relating to the residence changes proposed in late July as well as a few issues I had with the amendments to the Residence Community Standards based off of the changes to the restorative justice process as proposed by the Community Standards Review Committee Meeting.

Unfortunately, with the former, the chair of the committee decided that it was inappropriate to discuss this item with members of the committee. A disappointing response to say the least, and adding to the broken governance process that has poisoned the issue.

At GFC, a few students, including the PotSU, raised a number of questions which were answered incompletely, or not at all.

The discussions around the Lister Residence changes might not be in the eye of traditional media sources at the moment, but talks are still ongoing. The Wanderer Online will provide you with updates as this issue evolves.

For a full terms of reference for CLRC, click here.

Thoughts about the residence issues? Agree? Disagree? Share them below. 

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  • Radical Rationalist

    Thanks, anonymous Wanderer writer(s) for providing me with accurate and informative SU Press Releases! Independent, unbiased news coverage at its finest. My favourite part was when you completely failed to cover both sides of the story. No way the public could become biased towards one side of this issue when you only cover one side of the story, right?

    At this rate, the SU might as well make it official and start paying the Wanderer writers for the PR work they seem to be doing for the SU.

    Or, is it merely a coincidence that the Wanderer coverage seems to be pro-Lister? It must be only a coincidence. How could one assume that the Wanderer is biased on this issue? It’s not like many of the leaders/writers at the Wanderer are SU insiders (including last year’s VPA) or anything like that. In light of their bias on this issue, that would be toooootally sketchy if it were true!