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Starting on August 27, The Wanderer Online is teaming up with faculty associations on campus to provide weekly to biweekly updates on what they’ve been up to, what plans are in the works and any interesting stories that develop along the way. In case you don’t know, faculty associations represent you within your specific faculty, whereas the SU serves the entire student body. Our updates start with the Engineering Students’ Society, which is prepping for another full-tilt year.

The Engineering Students’ Society (ESS) is extremely excited to welcome the over 4000 undergraduate students that we represent within the faculty. We have been working hard over the summer to make sure that we have planned an excellent year for everyone. Our events are a great mixture of social, academic, professional, and charitable. We are very proud of each of them and hope to see you out at one or more throughout the year.

The ESS is “GEER”ing up for our first event of the year, GEER 101, which will be taking place on September 5-7. This event is for first year Engineering students to continue their Orientation experience by having three days of events where they can meet friends, get advice, and have fun. It all starts early Wednesday morning, at 7:3 0am, with free coffee and doughnuts followed at 3 pm by a scavenger hunt starting in Engg Quad (remember a camera!). Thursday brings a fantastic evening of mocktails and boardgames starting at 5pm in the ATCO Design Lab. This is followed by the GEER 101 party at The Rack for all those over 18. The week concludes with a game of capture the flag in Engg Quad at 3 pm on Friday.  I bet you’re wondering how you are going to make it through such a tiresome week. Well, we have just the thing! Oil City Group is sponsoring a BBQ for us for all three days! It will be running from 11-2 pm each day.

Come back next week to read more and in the meantime, check out the other faculty association updates.

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