The Sound of God… Particles. | By Sydney Rudko

It’s midterms at the university, and you could cut the stress around campus with a knife. Stress can be detrimental to performance on exams, so why not take a minute right now to relax and listen to the sounds of the Higgs Boson.

The God particle, discovered only a few months ago, has already begun inspiring composers! Musicians are able to take the raw data scientists collected and transform it into sound through a process called sonification. This process takes the raw data about a particle (movement, vibration, concentration, or decay) and transforms the data into pitch, tone, duration, direction, volume and timbre.

The process has many applications in space exploration and in earthquake and volcanic research. The LHCsound website, a UK based organization which turns data into sound, even says they can sonify “a painting, photograph, or moving image, which has been done and has enabled blind people to see.”

You can read more about the LHCsound here

You can listen to the music based on the Higgs-Boson data while you study here:

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  • Graeme

    Ah, the sounds of science are wonderful.

  • Even cooler (or at least just as cool) is the melody of pi: