The Swap: Fast Food | By Whitney Fox

Being healthy in post-secondary is probably the last thing on your mind. With upcoming exams and final projects being due every week, everyone knows that you’d rather slip by HUB Mall and grab some food than make it yourself. Cooking seems tedious and it takes up a large chunk of time, which is why we often will grab some instant noodles over a freshly-cooked meal on those days when we do decide that fast food won’t quell the hunger.

Next time you’re standing in line to get your fast food fix, just think about swapping.

1. Swap your Tim’s bagel:

When you go through Tim Hortons for that morning bagel in CAB, think twice before ordering it. One bagel is the equivalent of four pieces of toast, and it seems as though they spread on the butter with a spatula. So trade in the bagel for some toast, and if you have to have that bagel, ask for a little packet of margarine or for less butter and skip the cream cheese.

2. Swap your Subway sandwich:

While standing in the long lines, you have plenty of time to contemplate what delicious sandwich you’re going to get. Though there are many choices, people stick with what they like, but it’s time to swap. Swap your BMT, your cold cut combo and your tuna salad for a Veggie Delite. Not only is it delicious and crunchy, but it also contains almost your daily serving of veggies. If you have to have meat, swap for some turkey and leave out the mayo.

Swap your Starbuck’s coffee:

Nothing is as yummy as a creamy Frappuccino from Starbucks, but probably nothing is worse for you. Swap the sugary drink for a tea. Not only will you skip the whip on top, but the antioxidants from the tea will wake you up and help you avoid the sugar crash.

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