The Wanderer’s Top 100 Most Influential U of A Undergraduates: Accepting Nominations

With 2013 finally here, The Wanderer is announcing a new contest that celebrates the achievements of University of Alberta undergraduates in 2012. From January 1 to January 20, students can nominate their peers for a spot on The Wanderer Top 100 Most Influential Undergraduates list, to be released in early February. We’re looking for more than undergraduates involved in student government. We want undergraduates from all corners of campus, whether it is fine arts, undergraduate research or leadership that takes place “behind scenes.”

The competition rules are straightforward: nominees must be nominated by 4 pm on January 20, and the nominees must have been undergraduates (taking at least one class) between the winter 2012 semester and fall 2012 semester. It is possible to self-nominate, though we prefer that nominees are nominated by a peer.

In terms of the application, nominators must send them to with the subject “100 Most Influential: [full name of nominee].” Moreover, nominators are asked to respond to these two questions, in no more than 250 words for each question:

1. In what ways does the nominee fulfill The Wanderer’s vision of building community either within the University of Alberta, the City of Edmonton, or both?

2. What is the nominee’s most significant contribution to campus or City of Edmonton life?

Please include the intended graduation year of the nominee, the student’s major and faculty, and ualberta email address of the nominator. Nominators may nominate no more than two undergraduates. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in disqualification. Moreover, nominators accept that the decisions of the Wanderer Top 100 Selection Committee are final, and will not be reversed.

Winners and their nominees will be featured on The Wanderer Online throughout February and will be invited to a swanky Wanderer party at a location to be determined. We look forward to the nominations and the inaugural Top 100 list!

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  • How will this “Selection Committee” be determining the rankings of the “most influential?” Can we see some evaluation criteria? What are the names of the individuals on this committee? Why were they selected to be on the committee?

    Will the committee consist of hand-picked individuals from those involved with The Wanderer? Seems like that would put the contest at serious risk of favouritism and corruption. Surely something The Wanderer wouldn’t want to be associated with, especially given its already somewhat shady reputation.

    To remove the possibility of favouritism, I would recommend this contest utilize objective criteria. Further, the names of the nominees should not be known to the committee members. Ideally, the committee should consist of individuals who will be able to make an objective choice.

    Unless we see some guarantees of transparency and impartiality, this contest is at serious risk of being just another popularity contest.

    I expect a response which addresses these very serious concerns.

    • Dave

      As the word “influential” already possesses some form of a subjective connotation, there is obviously not a simple checklist that can be used to determine the merit of an individual.

      A student who produced research that has national reach is obviously influential. A student who excels at a national or international level of sport is obviously influential. A student who creates art or music that has developed a large following or won awards is obviously influential.

      There is no objective checklist that could be employed to capture the impact of these three distinct personalities. This isn’t a power list or something, which can be based on clearly defined traits.

      Also, I’m intrigued by your suggestion that we’re “shady”, is that we don’t have pictures next to our names? I know, it bugs me too. =]

  • S

    I’m very interested in this contest and I’m already thinking of people to nominate, but I’m also interested in the selection process. Perhaps if a loose criteria is determined and given to the nominators, we can better outline the contributions of the nominees. I’ll ask a little nicer than What?: are the nominees names going to be hidden until decisions are made? Who will be on the selection committee??

    Thanks! 🙂

    • admin

      Hi ‘S’: thank you for your comments. The criteria are fairly loose, as we want to allow for a wide range of nominees from across campus. We want students from all corners doing many different things, whether it is an interesting research project, theatre, fine art, student government, athletics, etc. As reflected in the two questions, we are looking for students that have contributed to the formation of stronger community within the University of Alberta, or more generally, the City of Edmonton. Moreover, we are looking for significant contributions to one or two areas, as opposed to a large CV where a student makes small contributions across campus/Edmonton. In other words, we are looking for depth, for students that have dedicated significant time to one or two issues.

      In terms of the nominees, we will not disclose any of this to the public until the top 100 list is chosen. Moreover, we will not disclose the names of nominators if the nominators do not want to named (however, we still require that nominators include their name and email address when corresponding with the selection committee through the application process). The winners will be notified prior to the unveiling of the list, though we will ask that they keep this to themselves until we share the list in early February.

      Finally, the selection committee is in the process of being finalized. It will consist of Wanderer members from a wide variety of places on campus: Bears and Pandas athletics, undergraduate research, student government, fine arts, theatre, professional faculties. We want a large but manageable committee, with members all coming from unique parts of campus. Since the committee is comprised of Wanderer writers, no Wanderer members are eligible for the list.

      If you have any other questions, please let us know.



      • K

        Hello there,

        Great initiative!

        How are you ensuring that no one on the selection committee has been nominated? Who is on the selection committee?



  • Anon

    I hope to God this doesn’t turn into a celebration of SU execs over the past decade…