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In the Students’ Union Vice-President (Academic) biweekly report on October 9, Dustin Chelen writes that the university is considering moving the withdrawal deadline back to the SECOND-LAST WEEK OF CLASSES. Imagine that. This would give students a lot more time to consider withdrawing, especially with some midterm and essay marks serving as a basis for decision-making.

For the full text in Dustin Chelen’s VPA update, read here:

Extending the Withdrawal Deadline

The University has indicated its intent to extend the Withdrawal Deadline, the deadline by which you can still withdraw from a class and forefeit your final grade for a grade of W, until the second-last week of classes. I have spoken in favour of this change at APPRTF and ASC SOS, as it allows students more time to determine if they want to continue in the class, and gives them more opportunities to receive feedback and marked work from their instructor.

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  • Dave

    I think this has the potential to screw a lot of kids over in curved classes. If you’re sitting with a C two weeks before the class ends and the bottom 10% of the class drop out, you’re fucked. So, I suppose the moral of the story is don’t get a C.