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November 17 was bound to happen. One of the beauties of college sports is that on any given weekend, even the best teams in the United States can lose, and that’s what happened yesterday evening. Both Kansas State and Oregon blew their BCS title chances, dissolving like tums on a tongue, in games against Baylor and Stanford, respectively. It’s actually very sad – for K-State and Oregon in particular – that all it takes is one measly loss for an entire season to ‘go to waste.’ Oregon has dominated everyone this year, including USC, while Kansas State dismantled teams like Oklahoma and TCU. But now it looks like the Notre Dame leprechauns will be in the BCS title game, against the winner of the SEC Championship (Alabama vs. Georgia). Can a playoff come soon enough?

Here’s a little breakdown of the teams still in the hunt for major BCS bowl games:

BCS Championship: Notre Dame (LOL) and Alabama/Georgia (the eventual national champion). If ND loses to USC next weekend, then Oregon probably enters over Kansas State.

Sugar Bowl: Whoever loses between Alabama/Georgia or Florida vs. Florida State/Georgia Tech. BUT FLORIDA PLAYS FLORIDA STATE THIS WEEKEND!

Rose Bowl: Nebraska/Michigan/Wisconsin vs. Oregon/UCLA/Stanford. If only Ohio State was eligible for a bowl game. Then they would be playing Notre Dame in the championship.

Fiesta Bowl: Kansas State vs. Texas A&M/LSU/South Carolina. If ND loses against USC, Notre Dame probably plays here.

Orange Bowl: Louisville/Rutgers (meh) vs. Florida State/Clemson or the third best team from the SEC/Pac 10.

With such parity in NCAA football, it’s too bad that a playoff doesn’t yet exist, but we all know it’s coming.

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