Theresa Majeran: Karma, Belcourt Brosseau Metis Awards

Theresa Majeran, a Métis woman from Northern Manitoba, is actively involved with the Aboriginal community in Edmonton. She is proud of her culture and works to promote it amongst the young people she meets, while marketing the Belcourt Brosseau Métis Awards program throughout the province of Alberta.

She has been promoting these awards since 2006 and now enjoys many great relationships with the past and present recipients of these awards. As a contractor, her business is all about relationship building along with communications and marketing with the community. Guiding the youth is her passion. Theresa is now starting to encourage corporations to donate to the BBMA endowment, adding to the fund will ensure more students are funded for their education in the future. A new fund was start this year to honor the Métis Elder Marge Friede who was instrumental in presenting more than 300 Sashes to encourage and celebrate the educational accomplishments of youth who receive a BBMA.

She is involved with the Keytayuk (the old ones) Society, whose mandate is to ensure more Aboriginal students graduate from high school. She believes that with increased graduation rates for our people will come a higher demand for post-secondary learning and go on to sustain great careers for Aboriginal people in Canada today.


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  • darlin49

    Theresa does such an amazing job, she works from the heart and is passionate in all she does. Well done Theresa, you do our community proud! hiy hiy