This Student was Turned Away from Henday Tower, Even Though he Lived There and Henday’s Still Not Full | The Wanderer Online

The Lister residence issue caught fire during the summer, and despite what many readers might think, is still very much alive. In order to learn more about the debacle, read here or here.

It turns out that at least one student was turned down as a Residence Assistant in HIS OWN TOWER, even though four positions are EMPTY.

Check out what Taylor Baumfeld writes on Facebook, under the Lister Experience page:

Students were turned away for RA positions in their original towers. I went through the interview process and was offered an RA position in Kelsey or Mac. I explained that I felt this would be my last year in Lister and didn’t want to live in a tower outside of the one I “grew up” in. They were very accepting of this and went on to say there was no opening in Henday and I politely accepted that and declined the position. Currently we have 6 out of the 10 positions in Henday filled. I find it ridiculous that, if the safety concerns are of the utmost importance to the University, they turned down suitable employees for jobs (I’m assuming I am not the only one) that were still there.

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