Top 10 Excellent Edmonton Articles of the Week (June 17-22)

The Wanderer Online is sharing the Top 10 Best Edmonton articles of the week. Here are the Edmonton media articles from June 17-22.

1. Timeline of Alberta flooding – Brent Wittmeier, Edmonton Journal

The news cycle across the province was dominated by coverage of the ongoing flood disaster in Calgary and across Southern Alberta, which has resulted in at least 3 deaths and widespread property damage. The Journal recaps this devastating week.

2. ‘Firehose of Moisture’ – Elise Stolte, Edmonton Journal

Why were the floods in Southern Alberta so bad? Does Edmonton face the same risk?

3. Edmontonians offer homes, donations to flooded south Alberta – CBC News Edmonton

CBC recaps the support that Edmontonians are providing for our battered southern neighbour.

4. Sobeys’ purchase of Safeway comes with grocery baggage – Paula Simons, Edmonton Journal

Paula Simons on the Edmonton angle of the recent purchase of Safeway by Sobeys.

5. In the Beginning There Was Star Stuff – Ana Green, The Wanderer Online

In her debut piece for The Wanderer, Ana Green tells the poetic story of the origins of the universe.

6. Edmonton student puts the ‘city’ in university – Omar Mouallem, Metro Edmonton

The story behind this weekend’s Stand Up For Edmonton event on the role of the University of Alberta in the city.

7. Social experiment looks to tell the story of Edmonton’s longest day – Patrick Nguyen, Metro Edmonton

Metro talks about one of the most interesting social media projects recently, #YEGlongday.

8. #yeg Turns Five – Mack Male, MasterMaq’s Blog

#yeg has become the unifying hashtag for Edmonton’s social media community. Mack Male recounts the growth of #yeg on its fifth birthday.

9. #YEG: A Rough Beginning – Robert Young Pelton, Avenue Magazine

Adventurer and journalist Robert Young Pelton recounts his early days growing up in Edmonton, and why he always says he’s from here.

10. Iveson Makes a Show of Political Strength – Steven Sandor, Avenue Magazine

A recap of Don Iveson’s annoucement of his mayoral candidacy last week.

Creative Commons image courtesy of Wayne Stadler on Flickr.

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