Trend Report: Back to School | Chheng Phung

School is back in full swing and you’re now into the rhythm of moving from class to class. Do you have your “first week back” outfits planned yet? Here are some of my top 5 trends for back to school:

1) Wax On

Coated anything is great for adding texture and sheen to an outfit. This season many designers are taking the traditional skinny leg denim and adding a sheer coat of wax to enhance this conventional style. How to wear this trend? Pair coated denim with a blouse to make it look dressier, or pair it with a basic t-shirt for a casual look.

2) Menswear

Sometimes boy’s clothes are just more comfortable! This season we see the return of boyfriend jeans, tuxedo pants, and oversized blazers. When wearing this trend fit is so important, you never want the item to be wearing you so ensure that you are choosing the appropriate size. For example, when pairing boyfriend style denim make sure the top is more fitted, this will create balance. I usually find pairing a heel with anything oversized creates a nice drape.

3) Mix and Match

Prints are one trend that gets recycled regardless of the season. Don’t be afraid to mix two different prints together.  How to wear this trend? Pick a print that is more dominate and pair it with a print that is simple. Focusing on a single color also helps make an outfit look more put together.

4) Dominatrix

Wearing leather always makes me feel a bit sexier and confident. One thing that is great about leather during the colder seasons is that it keeps you warm. My favorite leather piece would be the leather leggings. They look so sleek and it’s nice to have an assortment of different fabric-based leggings since these are a staple. How to wear this trend? Substitute your usual clothing with leather. Invest in a leather jacket, or like myself, a pair of leather leggings and pair it with a longer styled shirt or sweater. If you’re not ready to take the plunge, you can purchase items with leather accents.

5) Oversize Drape

Capes and poncho style tops are great as a substitute for a jacket, especially when it’s not too cold out yet. There are a couple different styles of capes and ponchos, asymmetric, symmetric, and straight cut. Make sure that you are choosing the style that fits your body shape the best. How to wear this trend? Make sure that the layers underneath are more fitted if you plan on layering. If you find that the piece is too oversized and you feel like your drowning in fabric, wear a belt at your waist to create more shape.


Chheng Phung is a Bachelor of Commerce student. She is finishing her last year at the UofA with a major in marketing and a minor in human resources. On her spare time you can find her creating ideas for her blog which is about fashion and photography, you can check it out

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