Twenties: The Most Memorable Time of One’s Life? | The Wanderer Online

One’s twenties are a time of considerable change, where students often move away from home to attend college, develop friendships with many different people and engage in many other firsts. In this Jezebel article, writer Tracy Moore provides a clever recap to a story published on Slate, where the thesis is that “We remember more events from late adolescence and early adulthood than from any other stage of our lives.” We refer to this concept as the “reminiscence bump.”

For many Wanderer readers that still happen to be in university (or who are recent graduates), take note: make the most out of this formative period. Just as Moore writes, “Like it or not, your twenties are here to stay, and will keep revisiting you the rest of your life. So if they are really the Groundhog Day of memories, crank up the tumblrs and enjoy this extra pressure to make this decade really count.”

CC photograph courtesy of “Metrix X” on Flickr.

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