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Varsity soccer is here for the fall, and the University of Alberta Pandas open their games on September 7, travelling to Victoria to play the Vikes. One day later, they taken on the Fraser Valley Cascades. Here’s The Wanderer Online’s preview for the two games. Remember: be a  good skeptic and question everything that you read! 

On Tuesday September 4, Canada Interuniversity Sport (the CIS) unveiled the Canada-wide rankings for women’s soccer. The University of Alberta Pandas placed fourth. That’s a pretty solid ranking for the beginning of the year; the Pandas are behind a bunch of teams from Eastern Canada, including Queen’s. (Last year, Queen’s won the CIS. Good for them.)

These rankings are all fine and dandy, but there’s one major issue that has so far been ignored by CIS women’s soccer pundits: on September 7, the Pandas are playing the University of Victoria. One day later, they play the Fraser Valley Cascades. If you don’t understand why this is such an issue, then read on. Following extensive statistical analysis, with hired professionals from the University Centre for Superb Statistical Analysis, we found that the Pandas received 24 votes in these CIS rankings. Victoria? Just three. Fraser Valley? You guessed it: none.

After doing some research on the Canada West Conference website, we found this statement on its “History” page:

Canada West is consistently the most decorated of the four conferences in Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), winning at least 10 CIS national titles every year, 1997 to 2010. Comprised of 16 schools, from the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, the CWUAA produces numerous major award winners and Academic All-Canadian student-athletes each year, with many going on to athletic success around the globe in pro leagues or events such as Olympics, Paralympics or Universiade Games.

If Canada West calls itself the “most decorated of the four conferences…” then how does it expect Victoria and Fraser Valley to participate – and actually enjoy themselves? Look, if the Pandas received twenty-four votes in the CIS rankings, and Victoria garnered a mere three, then we’re looking at an 8-1 win for the Pandas (24/3 = 8)! If you ask me, that’s not a fair game. And that doesn’t even include Fraser Valley, which received NO VOTES. Do the simple math here: if the Pandas play the “Cascades,” then the result could be anywhere from 47-1 to 305-7.

Look, it’s one thing to promote friendly competition between teams. It’s another to foster a ruthless barrage that sees one-sided, confidence-depleting results.

We all know the Pandas are good. Take the Lethrbridge and Mount Royal games as examples. But 305-7? I’ve seen 10-minute old babies put up a better fight.

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