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Every week, The Wanderer Online will feature at least one U of A-related blog that you should add to your bookmarks. (Sometimes, we’ll expand past the U of A, but that’s for some future week.) Today, we have TWO blogs that you should add to your list, and they’re both pretty unique:

1. [suh-steyn] a blog: Whether it’s news about upcoming farmers’ markets, profiles of students making big differences on campus, or some of the best places to eat on campus, this is a go-to blog. Sleek, refreshing and the photograph is quality. Check it out here.

2. Pandas soccer blog: So much sports coverage is boring, nothing more than a box score re-worded on paper. In other words, “Player x scored in the 5th minute on a shot from outside the box. We then interviewed the coach, who (gave us the usual coach sound bite)… ‘Yeah, we played hard out there today, we worked hard and I’m really happy with the team, the opponent was pretty tough but we had good home support and are looking forward to correcting mistakes in practice this week.'” BORING, eh?

Well, the Pandas soccer team runs its own WordPress blog that provides player-driven updates to the team. And not everything is about soccer; some of the content features random facts about PANDAS, jabs at opposing teams’ players, etc. READ THE BLOG here.

So there you have it! Two blogs for the week. Now if you have SUGGESTIONS FOR US, COMMENT BELOW! 


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