Tyler Heal: the creative engineer

Tyler does not lead by his words; he leads by his actions and results. Tyler is Vice-President External at Engineers Without Borders U of A chapter, and often works behind the scenes to create and sustain meaningful relationships with the Faculty of Engineering and other external parties. He works tirelessly to secure grants to fund chapter initiatives, such as Youth Conference, and sending more than 20 chapter members to Ottawa for EWB’s National Conference in 2012. He is the design guru, creating creative and professional advertising materials such as banners and postcards to be used at professional engagement events such as the inaugural Fire and Ice Gala. If that wasn’t enough, he’s in a jazz band, and has started his own initiatives outside of EWB, such as the inaugural Spaces Engineering Art Show.

The most amazing part? Tyler does all of this (and more) without asking for a single ounce of recognition. His professionalism is the silent, driving force of the chapter, and his humility allows others to become inspired and champion their own initiatives; Tyler doesn’t fill the space with himself but allows others to come together to work towards one common goal. Tyler’s influence is a quiet influence, an unseen force that embodies community and solidarity, and transcends beyond the chapter itself.

Tyler’s most significant contribution (so far) is the inaugural Engineering Arts Show ‘Spaces’, which took place the March of 2012. Taking his dream to showcase the artistic side of engineers, Tyler collaborated with the Faculty of Engineering and a Master’s student to make that dream a reality. The result was an incredible art show with works as diverse as their creators. Music to mosaics  paintings to poems – pieces came from students, faculty, and professionals, all of which had a desire to showcase their talents. Tyler was able to make that happen, bringing together the engineering profession in ways beyond the technical and challenging society’s assumption of the profession by presenting a collection of beauty, mystery, and wonder.

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