UAlberta Students and Staff Took to Twitter in Anger After UC-Irvine Broke World Record | The Wanderer Dodgeball

Yesterday, the University of California-Irvine toppled the UAlberta dodgeball world record, with an impressive 6084 players turning out. On one hand, UC-Irvine students took to Twitter, trashing Canada and the UAlberta 5000-person record. The same antics took place the last time the school claimed the world record, and frankly, UAlberta students did the same when they claimed the world record back in February 2012. That’s just part of the game. What matters, however, is backing up one’s claims with success on the field, which both schools have consistently accomplished.

On September 25, staff and students went straight for Twitter, basically agreeing that UAlberta needs a new world record attempt in 2013. Here is what some people had to say:






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