Vanilla Huskies Do NOT Live Up to Andre 3000 | The Wanderer Sports

Last weekend, the Golden Bears soccer team was ranked number one in Canada. They took that to the furthest logical extreme, earning a single golden point on the weekend against two scrappy ‘soccer’ teams. To briefly refresh you readers, the team out-played its Victoria and Fraser Valley opponents, but had to withstand a few spotty onslaughts by the refs. Darn.

This week, the Bears play AT HOME. That’s a novel occurrence. What’s even more surprising is that they play FOLLOWING the Pandas, a first for 2012. Their opponent? Saskatchewan, bringing a solid 5-1-1 record to Edmonton, along with one of the most boring, meaningless, vanilla names a school could possibly come up with: The HUSKIES. Imposing. At least the name “Golden Bears” is only shared by California-Berkeley. The Huskies? Connecticut, Saint Mary’s, Washington, etc. etc. Saskatchewan took its geography to heart, finding a name with an equal lack of pizazz.

Their soccer team, however, is pretty good. They hover around the top 10 CIS rankings mark, and always manage to field a solid team. Never spectacular, but pretty decent.

However, the Golden Bears are more similar to these lines from Andre 3000’s words in “Good Day, Good Sir” by Outkast:

Fantastically well

I am certainly not fine by far

But you could say

I’m close to spectacular

With players like Osmo Bimba, Scott Gilroy and Jay Vetsch manning the back line, the Huskies will have some trouble notching a single golden point on the scoreboard.

Remember, games on Saturday are FREE. Pandas play at 12, the Bears at 2… and for the first time since 2011, Canada West is not at fault.

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