Vivian Manasc: President, Manasc Isaac

Award-winning architect Vivian Manasc has been shaping Edmonton’s built environment for over 25 years. Under her leadership as Senior Principal, her 50-person design firm Manasc Isaac has pioneered sustainable building in Alberta, achieving many green “firsts.” These include Alberta’s first LEED® Certified building, Edmonton’s first LEED® Silver building and the first LEED® Gold building in the Arctic.

Vivian’s connection to Edmonton runs deep. What began as a summer eventually blossomed into a long-term civic love affair. Finding the business community welcoming, Vivian saw in Edmonton’s open space an opportunity to make something special. Solidifying her commitment to both Edmonton and to sustainable design, Vivian founded Manasc Isaac with colleague Richard Isaac in 1997. The same year, she was appointed to the Board of the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, bringing her understanding of the north and her expertise in science and technology facility design, to the business leadership of the community. Vivian’s love for the city is evident in her deeply collaborative design approach. Engaging people in the planning, design and construction of her projects, Vivian’s method ensures that new and reimagined buildings enhance the fabric of their communities.

Vivian has also achieved national recognition, and is widely viewed as one of Canada’s top “Green” Architects and integrated design facilitators. Her leadership skills are well cultivated, having served as President of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. She has also served as Vice-President of the Canada Green Building Council, and serves on the National Capital Commission Advisory Committee on Planning, Design and Realty. Through her work, Vivian continues to strengthen the architectural profession and boost Edmonton’s reputation and visibility in the field.




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