Wanderer Online Sex Advice: Vacation | The Wanderer Culture

This week, our sex advice columnist, Darren Tardif, is away on vacation, first and foremost to prepare himself for an engaging and informed year of writing ahead. Though we don’t have a new contribution from Darren this week, you can rest assured that he is doing well, and will return to prominence next week at this time.

We can, however, tell you that the sex advice column will soon be graced with a new presence, and one that you will surely enjoy. Come back next week at this time to see what we’re talking about!


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  • Kyle

    Will it be a sex advice or dating advice column? At the moment, I’d say the column is inappropriately name as it has only focused on dating advice.

  • Kyle

    *inappropriately named.

    • Dee

      hey Kyle, Darren answers to questions sent to him and so far all of them have been about dating. If you’d like to see more sex-related articles, you should send in some pertinent q’s to Darren!