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ON JULY 5 2012 AT 9:30 AM, The Wanderer Online made its official launch, showcasing a hefty batch of stories ranging from the best-dressed students of the week to the Alberta economy. The debut was well-received, and the ensuing online discussion allowed for a wide array of readers to put forward their best arguments. Out of all the stories, Dongwoo Kim’s “Let’s Accept It: We’re Better” sparked the most passionate responses from readers. One day later, The Wand’s Phil Stachnik advanced his own argument, in the brilliantly-written “We Aren’t Better, But We Should Try to Be.”

Though Kim and Stachnik featured prominently in much of the reader discussion, several other stories captured readers’ attention. In particular, Alex Cojocaru’s “Musings on Life and Evolution” inspires readers to not take evolution for granted. Cojocaru writes “Our species matured alongside other mammals and we are literally like a family,” reminding us just how connected humans are with the world’s other living creatures. And the science-inspired articles do not end there; The Wand’s Andrei Catuneanu and Vedran Jelic educate readers about radio astronomy and the Sun, respectively. Sydney Rudko draws clear ties between skill, success and – in unexpected fashion – Channing Tatum. Finally, Bennett Csorba provides a glimpse into the versatility of Students’ Union Vice-President (Operations and Finance) Andy Cheema, revealing just another potential application of a Bachelor of Science degree.

In her opening story for The Wand, Nathalie Batres interviews financial-wizard Gregory Maksym on his investment and financial success techniques. The insights gleaned from Maksym and Batres apply to both university and non-university students alike. Students’ Union President and business (marketing) student Colten Yamagishi submits a letter to readers, highlighting many of the Students’ Union’s recent summer successes, such as an auspicious renegotiation of the health and dental plan.

Controversy marks the past year in NCAA Division One football, from scandals at The Ohio State University to the ongoing debate about a post-season playoff. In his typical irreverent self, Andrew Booth pokes fun at the recently-approved four-team post-season, showing readers that the Presidential Oversight Committee left much of the current BCS structure intact. In his own witty piece, Andrew Douglas reveals the hypocrisy of Cadbury, through an incisive commentary on “The Bike Factory.”

CC photograph courtesy of Paul Moody on Flickr (taken on June 25 2007)

Finally, the highly-talented Neekoo Collett debuts with her poem “Augustus in Rome,” which should be digested with readers’ full attention. In other culture stories, the hilarious Garret Johnston describes his family’s recent encounter with bees and Shaun Nystrom encourages readers to sit up, step out the door and embark on new adventures.

It is clear that the first several days of The Wanderer Online’s tenure make for hours of illuminating reading. From the serious to the light-hearted and from athletics to Augustus, we hope that you enjoy your stay with us, and we look forward to your thoughts.

And there you go: a quick Sunday recap of The Wand. Though not as quick as Goran Miletic!


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