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Finishing off The Wanderer Online’s third full week, we can’t help but think that three is definitely a charmed number. This has been a very demanding week, calling for quick responses to issues in our immediate community. But our team was able to act fast and at the same time release an impressive array of articles in all sections of our site. And a big thanks goes out to our faithful readers who have liked, shared, and commented on our articles! We love all your beautiful faces (and your amazing support)!

Opening up the week, Sydney Rudko makes a compelling case about the importance of academic research and why Canadian citizens must take a stand for science in the midst of recent funding cuts by the federal government. Following Sydney’s article The Wanderer Science briefly touches upon the alarming rate of climate change in Greenland, the effects of microgravity on marine life, and Olympic predictions made by economists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Lastly, our newest addition to the team, Cathryn Beck, boasts about super-computers at the University of Alberta in an entertaining and informative article.

In our Culture section, our fashionistas have struck again! This time Emerson Csorba and Sansitny Ruth team up to bring you two best-dressed lists during their time at the Taste of Edmonton festival.  Perhaps a highly unlikely place to be searching for well-dressed folk, but we assure you no mustard-stained shirts have made it onto the lists! Next up, Carly Richman discusses the idea of change and demonstrates how technology has unexpectedly revolutionized the world of fashion to mould a new breed of online fashion connoisseurs. To conclude our great week in Culture, Darren Tardif proves himself as the beacon of light for a lost hopeless romantic weighing his first date options.

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to attend the Olympics? Kicking off 2012’s Olympic excitement, the Pandas basketball player Katie Arbuthnot supplies The Wanderer with an on-the-road blog post from London! For some quick and up-to-date coverage on hot issues in the NHL, MLB, and NCAA check out The Wanderer Sport’s Casual Friday. And for tips on money management, check out our latest business article by Birkley Doll.

By far our busiest section of the week has been Politics. Finbarr Timbers is back with his article entitled “The Demise of Civility”. Andrew Douglas hits Edmontonians hard with a humorous yet critical article discussing the growing problem of NIMBY-ism. And The Wanderer Politics supplies the University of Alberta’s student councillors with another edition of Council Cliffsnotes.

The University of Alberta’s newly-passed changes to Lister residences have taken the student body by storm, provoking a huge uproar and some very powerful responses from the concerned students and student governing bodies such as the SU and the LHSA. The Wanderer Politics is the first to respond, compiling a list of important questions that needed to be answered immediately following a press release by the University of Alberta. Next, Emerson Csorba follows up with a narrative style article that empathizes with the struggle of the SU and the LHSA. Interviewer Sansitny Ruth attempts to give both students and the university a voice on the issue in an interview with the SU & LHSA Presidents, and an interview with the Acting Dean of Students Deborah Eerkes.

That concludes our third full week and possibly the most exciting week yet. We would like to thank our readers once again for sticking along with us in this wonderful journey. In parting, The Wanderer has proven and will proudly state: “We’ve got you covered – first ”.

Signing off,

The Wanderer Online Team

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