Weekend Music Pump-Up (October 20-21) | By David McBean

What better way to get the weekend going than with some music to get hyped-up? I have hand-selected these songs to get you in the mood to party, dance, or just to keep you going while you study.

First up, we have the Round Table Knights remix of Penner and Muder’s legendary deep-house song “Presence of Another Man”. The Round Table Knights have successfully turned this sexy, jazzy tune into a one-of-a-kind bouncy bass banger, while keeping the genius of the original. In case you haven’t heard of Round Table Knights, they are UK DJs known for their original jazz and tribal fused club-bumping sound. Their remix of Tensnake’s Coma Cat was voted the best essential tune of 2010 by Pete Tong, and they have toured around hitting up the biggest music festivals in the world. Take a listen to the original and the Round Table Knights funk-up of Penner and Muder’s track here.

Presence of Another Man– Penner and Muder

Presence of Another Man(Round Table Knights Remix) – Penner and Muder

Round Table Knights dropping this track at Street Parade 2012

Next is a fresh Will Smith remix from Viceroy. Viceroy’s disco sound has been topping the indie disco blogs, and this remix shows why.

Getting Jiggy with it (Viceroy’s “Jet Life” Remixt) – Will Smith

Keeping the 90’s train going, here is a remix of Public Enemy by Futurecast. Flavor Flav rapping over big room funky breaks may seem like an odd mix, but listen for yourself because Futurecast pulls it off extremely well. There’s a free download for you too.

Harder Than You Think (Futurecast Remix) – Public Enemy

Free Download:

This weekend has none other than Dada Life playing a sold out show at the Edmonton Event Center. Dada Life are Electro DJs from Sweden known for their big drops, synthy breakdowns, and their eccentric obsession with bananas. They have been producing music since 2006, but it wasn’t until they released their first album in 2009, “Just do the Dada”, where their popularity has exploded. Recently they have released their second album “The Rules of Dada”. Along with the album they have released a set of rules for clubbers and DJs. Rules include, “don’t bring your brain to the club”, and “DJs must not airpiano on stage while looking up in the air”. Here are two songs by them – new and old. And yes, those are banana slices used as the communion bread in the Feed the Dada music video. I told you they were weird.

Feed the Dada – Dada Life

Where the Party’s At (Dada Life Remix – Tonight Only

Enjoy and keep on dancing!

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