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Throughout the week, our science team scours websites and research journals for the latest in research discoveries. Here are two of the latest discoveries from the world of science, both related to your weight!

The Key to Slimming Down Might Lie in Sleeping In!

With the mercury rising (or here in Edmonton where it has already risen and apparently can’t come back down), a lot of individuals turn to dieting and extreme exercising in order to impress the cute lifeguard at the pool. New research suggests that the secret to slimming down might lie in your sleep cycle. Epidemiologists in Europe believe sleep loss affects how many calories we consume and how many we burn off. Sleep deprivation appears to increase how hungry we feel by raising the amount of ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” in the blood. Furthermore, staying awake for an entire night reduces the amount of energy consumed during rest periods the following day. While the biology behind this observation remains unknown, it serves as a reminder that overall health and nutrition is more than just what you eat.

For more information, check out http://www.ssib.org/web/index.php?page=press&release=2012-7

Vaccinating Against Obesity?

Braasch Biotech LLC is testing a vaccine against obesity in male mice. The vaccine is composed of the hormone Somatostatin, which increases metabolism and results in weight loss. Shortly after vaccination the mice saw a decrease in body mass of 10%. Don’t get your hopes up just yet though; vaccination testing is a rigorous and time-consuming process and many years of rigorous testing will need to be conducted before use for humans is a possibility. Yet, the notion of boosting our bodies’ natural hormones to fight off disease or obesity is certainly a possibility in the near future.

To read more, go to http://www.biomedcentral.com/presscenter/pressreleases/20120709

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  • M

    If a vaccination is created to “fight” obesity, then all hope for humanity is lost.

  • OS

    I expected nothing less than articles on “slimming down” on this website – even better that it’s in the name of science. Thanks for meeting those expectations! I’ll go back to tumblr now where I can filter out crap like this.