Welcome to Culture at The Wanderer | By Shrida Sahadevan

Imagine yourself in the front row of a Broadway musical in New York, witnessing magic come to life firsthand.

Imagine staring at artwork crafted by one of the most famous painters of all time. You feel emotions surge through you as you find it wrenchingly difficult to tear yourself away.

Imagine peering out from the curtains to see hundreds of faces in the sea of an audience. You set yourself in place, take a deep breath to chase away the jitters and step onto the floor that deems itself worthy to be your stage, the vehicle to convey your story through dance.

What is Culture? It can signify the emotion evoked when admiring a portrait, the passion stirred when watching a play or musical, or the story depicted by powerful dancers.  There are multiple perspectives in culture – the audience, the admirer, the star, the painter, the musician, the artist. As a dancer myself, my passion for the arts enables me to broaden my perspective about the cultural scene by pushing me to understand other points-of-view. Because the term “Culture” can signify as many different things to many different people, my goal for this section is to explore these outlooks and bring them to light. 

At The Wanderer, we encourage a spectrum of viewpoints on the cultural scene in Edmonton and beyond. By sharing our views on such a diverse topic, we can start important conversations and inspire new ideas. This year, we would like to highlight up-and-coming and well-established dancers, poets and creative artists in our feature “Arts in the City.” This feature will illustrate how Edmontonians contribute to culture and highlight their thoughts about what the city of Edmonton has to offer the world. With this feature and more articles about local events, we hope to encourage dialogue about arts in Edmonton and to inspire more writing for this thought-provoking and emotion-stirring section!

If you are interested in contributing to our Culture section, please contact Culture Editor Shrida Sahadevan <shrida.sahadevan@thewandereronline.com>. You can also submit your article ideas through our submissions page.


Photography courtesy of Wanderer Online Photography Editor Bryan Tran; banner design by Wanderer Online Design Editor Janelle Holod.

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