Welcome to Education at The Wanderer | By Nikita-Kiran Singh

Welcome to Education at The Wanderer!

This section is dedicated to the transformative process of learning, and the way learning changes our lives for the better.  Education expands our understanding of the world, whether it be through the natural laws of the sciences, the humanities’ intuitions of human nature, or the practical knowledge of living our everyday lives.  We’re excited to explore the world of ideas through writing.

Everyone has a passion for learning; it’s what we love learning about that reveals who we are.  Therefore, the focus of the Education section will be how we learn not only in the classroom, but in our everyday endeavours.  There’s learning involved in everything we do, allowing for a wide array of article topics, ranging from business to medicine to sports or anything at all.  We will also continue last year’s Education Visionaries Series, a collection of interviews celebrating leaders in teaching.

We would love for writers to apply education to their own interests and share their experiences learning.  If you are interested in contributing your writing or have any questions, please feel free to contact Education Editor Nikita-Kiran Singh at nikita.singh@thewandereronline.com.


Illustration by Jonathan Doriano

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