Welcome to Education at The Wanderer | By Zosia Prus-Czarnecka

Welcome to Education at The Wanderer!

We’re inherently curious creatures, constantly yearning to develop our knowledge of the world. It’s said you’re supposed to learn something new everyday. As clichéd as this statement may be, it’s definitely true — not necessarily in school, but in everything we do. Be it a short vacation, meeting someone new, or simply going for a bike ride, we’re always taking in new information.

The focus of this section is to look at Education in the context of our writers’ interests, values and adventures. This section encompasses a variety of ideas including the development of leadership, the role of mentorship and guidance, and the unique paths that every individual takes in their education. We are extremely lucky to have diverse education opportunities available in Edmonton and we would like to highlight these as well as the importance of making sure that they continue to exist.

The other aim of Education this year is to highlight the ideas and innovation in Edmonton. It’s no secret that Edmonton is a leading research center in the world. We have the internationally renowned Mazankowski Heart Institute and the National Institute for Nanotechnology. In 2000, a group of researchers at our own University of Alberta created “The Edmonton Protocol” – a revolutionary therapy for transplanting insulin-secreting cells to Type 1 Diabetics. And we aren’t only known for our science. In 2010, the Edmonton Model for education allowed parents to choose which school to send their children to. This method has now been adopted across the country and in other parts of the world.

Yet, the innovation and brilliance that emerges from our city often remains unknown. Many people walk around complaining that this city is “dead.” My hope is that this year, we can eliminate some of the barriers between the public and innovative institutions to showcase the incredible ideas developed in our city.

If you are interested in contributing your experiences, thoughts and opinions on Education, please contact Education Editor Zosia Czarnecka at zosia.czarnecka@thewandereronline.com.


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